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ATTENTION: Trevor has recommenced his personal treatment sessions in person at his centre in Sunnybank, Brisbane, Australia and also on line via skype or facetime. Contact Trevor to arrange a session via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cost of personal session is $118 AU 



Heart Resonance

Advanced Practitioner class - twice a year

Advanced Practitioner "Master Class" - twice a year

Heart Resonance Teacher's Training - limited number throughout year

Heart Resonance World Conference - once every two years next one is 2020 in Mt Shasta USA

Check out what'e on in calendar 


Personal Mentoring Programme

Trevor is taking on a limited number of mentoring students per year.


To enrol in any of the above contact Trevor on - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please check calendar for Heart Resonance classes and world conference dates. mentoring can start at anytime as it is a one on one programme.


JUST ANNOUNCED ! 2020 Mt Shasta Spiritual Get Together


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The main cause of this is your past conditioning, which influences your perception of what is happening in your life now.

Did you know that your perceptions are directly linked to your emotions?

How you perceive influences how you feel. So when you can change your perception of life, and its experiences, to one of energetically real truth, you feel emotionally uplifted and positive. Life experience is no longer a burden.

In Trevor Gollagher’s Personal Mentoring Program you will learn how to accurately perceive what is real, as opposed to what your mind believes to be real based on past conditioning. In so doing, you will free yourself from the burden of your past. In a sense, you get out of your emotional jail and start to truly live the life you deserve.

In your tailor-made Personal Mentoring program you will gain simple yet effective tools to take charge of your life and create more of what you truly want – Joy, Contentment, Ease, Freedom and Abundance.

Learn new ways of thinking and perceiving and participating in your life to bring about positive change. Learn the truth about fear, anxiety, lack, limitation and negativity, thereby killing off their hold on you.

Live in a more conscious and fulfilling way, bringing more clarity and direction to your life, empowering you to make better decisions.




View more information about this programme that will chnage your life in many positive ways here - Personal Mentoring  


new business picTrevor Gollagher is a Spiritual Visionary, Intuitive Healer, & Author of 17 books with over 40 years experience in helping people just like you to attain a higher quality of life and spirituality.

There is no better time than right now to make the positive changes you so desire.

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If you are interested in the benefits some people have already achieve through Trevor Gollagher's work read some testimonials below 


sair“Trevor is an incredible teacher and healer. He comes from such pure intention with all the work that he does and he has an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with others. The Heart Resonance system he created has changed my life for the better and I use it in my practice as a Hypnotherapist to improve and enhance my clients healing.”

 Saira Hansen, Vancouver, Canada


Trevor is a remarkable individual who has a unique insight into the world. He has helped me to see the bigger picture of my life and given me the ability to clarify what is important in life. With Trevor's guidance I am now a more positive person.

I cannot thank Trevor enough for the gifts he has given me.

Graeme Isaacs - Company CEO, Melbourne, Australia


Trevor Gollagher's  ability to receive divine information and techniques, means he can help you in very effective ways.

Here is a few more testimonials from people that have experienced positive change in their lives from Trevor's work.

ken picTrevor has a huge kit bag of abilities to share, and is a lot of fun to be around as well as being infectiously positive in nature.

Ken Salmon - Vancouver, BC, Canada


 I have undertaken many varied forms of spiritual retreats and programs over the years, but none have had such a lasting impact as Trevor Gollagher’s mentoring program. I found Trevor’s message to be simple, and he delivers it in a light & uncomplicated way.

He seems to cut through all the mire and come up with strategies for living a fulfilled and happy life. I am most impressed by the lasting effect his mentoring has had on me.

Lois Cooper, Brisbane, Australia


cindy schulzI have had the pleasure of studying with Trevor for 5 years now and each time I Iearn something new from him it impacts my life in a positive way.  I am just half way through the mentoring program now and already it is causing major shifts for me.  

It is wonderful to work one on one with Trevor and being able to speak each week. This allows you to work on your own personal issues That in itself has been huge for me.  I am seeing more quickly where I get off track and am able to come back to a truthful loving place.

If it is your goal to advance your spirituality and your ease in your life, then you will greatly benefit from the mentoring course.  I know by the time I finish, the shifts occurring for me, will enable me to live in a much more allowing and joyful place”.

Cindy Schultz, Vancouver, Canada


laura whieldon“As a Heart Resonance Master Level Practitioner with grid activation, I felt it was a natural step to explore Spiritual Mentoring with Trevor. Trevor takes the time to detail the teachings for your understanding and provides clarity to aligning in Universal Consciousness Flow. It really opens your heart to the true you and releases old patterns and limiting beliefs of burden.

The experience of the Spiritual Mentorship is highly recommended for anyone who is willing to take steps to leading a more fulfilling life.” 

 Laura Whieldon, BC, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Mt. Shasta, just being in the presence of Trevor is very uplifting. He's patience and clarity of words made it very easy to understand he's teaching. This was further enforced by him providing practical techniques to incorporate into our daily life to have a happy life and have a deeper connection to the divine.

He provided answer to all the question from member of the groups that enables us to understand how life works, how to handle life's issues, get happier and travel further on our spiritual path. 

I feel so blessed to have had this experience, thank you Trevor from the bottom of my heart, I wish this great experience of spiritual teaching on many other people.

God bless you my friend.

Manjit Singh 

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