NEW! Online Training

logo-icon copyNOW available, online one on one HR training with the founder of Heart Resonance - Trevor Gollagher.

Trevor is now offering one on one training via Skype or Facetime. Classes are conducted over 2-4 sessions per level. Free meditation audio's for all online students. Contact Trevor directly to organise your class now - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Please Note: Trevor Gollagher is no longer conducting Level one or practitioner level training 


Classes offered include

HR Level One - no longer available Please contact your local Heart Resonance teacher for these levels

HR Practitioner Level - no longer available Please contact your local Heart Resonance teacher for these levels

HR Advanced Practitioner Level

HR Advanced Practitioner Master Class

HR Teachers Training

Here is what a new student has to say about Trevor and his training

andrewI am receiving my Heart Resonance training for all levels from Trevor Gollagher Online!  I am the first, but not the last, online student to learn this incredibly simple, FUN and Powerful system of healing and enlightenment over FaceTime ( Apple iMac ) kind of like Skype. I am having so much FUN learning with Trevor and learning more about who I really am as each class unfolds.

I really look forward to our classes on FaceTime twice a week because Trevor is such a wonderful Teacher!  Trevor is a true spiritual master because he embodies all the qualities of an enlightened being. 

Trevor is very loving , completely non-judgemental and very detached in a  perfected state of Allowing. He is generous and kind and will do anything to help you grow and expand into a deeper state of self-awareness and self-love and more happiness.

I have studied Reiki, IET, ITM, EFT and hundreds of healing modalities and different styles of Reiki over the past 20 years. I am currently a level two Heart Resonance Practitioner and I have to say Heart Resonance is my absolute favourite and what I have been searching for ALL MY LIFE!!!

It is so simple yet so powerful!  It is FUN! All of the techniques in Heart Resonance are so easy to learn and are extremely effective. I am a convert!  I am now 100% dedicated to the Heart Resonance System and use it exclusively in all my spiritual work.

I highly recommend Heart Resonance and that you contact Trevor Gollagher for Heart Resonance treatments and classes. You won't be disappointed; You will be enlightened!

Prem Ananda, Canada