trv084Spiritual Teaching Week and Special Events with Trevor Gollagher 


Occasionaly throughout the year Trevor offers Teaching weeks in high energy places around the world. Some past places have been Mt Shasta & Sedona, USA, Tasmania, Australia and numerous other places. Join our newsletter list to keep up to date  of future events


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Here is a couple of testimonials from past participants of my teaching weeks

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to MT Shasta, just being in the presence of Trevor is very uplifting. He's patience and clarity of words made it very easy to understand he's teaching. This was further enforced by him providing practical techniques to incorporate into our daily life to have a happy life and have a deeper connection to the divine.

He provided answer to all the question from member of the groups that enables us to understand how life works, how to handle life's issues, get happier and travel further on our spiritual path.

I feel so blessed to have had this experience, thank you Trevor from the bottom of my heart, I wish this great experience on many other people.

God bless you my friend.


susanI know I am a changed person because of Trevor’s guidance and energetic support during the time I was at Mt Shasta Both retreats - in 2012 (Grid Activation) and 2014 (Blue Pyramid Energy). As the first trip opened me so powerfully, I knew I needed to return and am so happy to have had that opportunity this past May.

Trevor is such a gift and I appreciate his leadership on both 5 day trips. Each time I experienced powerful transitions into higher (2012)…and then higher (2014) levels of consciousness.

For example, after the first trip I was certainly aware that I was beginning to be able to communicate telepathically with certain individuals/energies. I began hearing my angels and guides. The second trip that ability grew again!

Each trip impacted my energies in new and deeper ways.
Through your energetic sensitivies, your meditations, in combination with the sacred energy of the mountain, you helped us all to feel safe; you opened us to the consciousness flow and helped us to align to spiritual truth in a way that is beyond explanation. 

The synergistic effect of your guidance and being in the sacred energy of the mountain transformed me and helped move me along my path! 

I am now asking Spirit’s assistance so I can join you in Tasmania
With love and gratitude,

(Susan Turner, Vancouver CA)


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