2020 Mt Shasta Spiritual Gathering

Mt Shasta Heart Resonance Conference & Spiritual Get Together 
20 - 24 April 2020
Thanks for your interest in joining us  for the 5 day Mt Shasta spiritual gathering
Within the next few months we will have all the details for you - prices where we will be staying hopefully details of our travel agent where we can get a special price for flights and car rental. I personally will be staying at the Mt Shasta Resort in there lake cabins as I have stayed there numerous times and feel very comfortable there amongst the big trees and wildlife I will have a chat to them  to see if we can get some special rate for group of course there are many options for accom in Shasta at different price ranges
So currently the rough outline of event will be 
I will be flying in to San Francisco renting a car and driving to Shasta. Arrive on or around 19th April event start will be 20th we will have talks, lectures, meditations  at lake near accomodation plus up on Mt Shasta at numerous places like Ascension rock ( the real one and not the tourist one) and also a few special places on the mountain  that I am privy too. I will be conducting some  personal activations as well as environmental on and in and around Mt Shasta. You will learn lots and the energy work will have a Life Changing affect on you.
After the 5 day event I will be driving to the north west of California to visit the  giant redwoods there and will be doing meditations and activations there as well. I will be there for  another 4 or 5 days before returning to Australia.  The redwood trip is an optional extra for attendees and not officially a part of the Shasta event.
As with all my events I will be charging a fee for my time and activities. Cost for my services will be $800 for shasta and an additional $300 for redwoods. PLEASE NOTE: All travel expenses, accommodations, car rentals  and all other costs will be your responsibility. As mentioned earlier I will be in discussions with travel agent and also Mt Shasta accomodation to do my best to secure a great deal for all. so stay tuned on that one. 
It will be an amazing time as Shasta always has  some wonderful surprises for my groups that go there.
Lots of Love and Happiness Trevor
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Spiritual Teaching Journey


trv084Spiritual Teaching Week and Special Events with Trevor Gollagher 


Occasionaly throughout the year Trevor offers Teaching weeks in high energy places around the world. Some past places have been Mt Shasta & Sedona, USA, Tasmania, Australia and numerous other places. Join our newsletter list to keep up to date  of future events


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Here is a couple of testimonials from past participants of my teaching weeks

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to MT Shasta, just being in the presence of Trevor is very uplifting. He's patience and clarity of words made it very easy to understand he's teaching. This was further enforced by him providing practical techniques to incorporate into our daily life to have a happy life and have a deeper connection to the divine.

He provided answer to all the question from member of the groups that enables us to understand how life works, how to handle life's issues, get happier and travel further on our spiritual path.

I feel so blessed to have had this experience, thank you Trevor from the bottom of my heart, I wish this great experience on many other people.

God bless you my friend.


susanI know I am a changed person because of Trevor’s guidance and energetic support during the time I was at Mt Shasta Both retreats - in 2012 (Grid Activation) and 2014 (Blue Pyramid Energy). As the first trip opened me so powerfully, I knew I needed to return and am so happy to have had that opportunity this past May.

Trevor is such a gift and I appreciate his leadership on both 5 day trips. Each time I experienced powerful transitions into higher (2012)…and then higher (2014) levels of consciousness.

For example, after the first trip I was certainly aware that I was beginning to be able to communicate telepathically with certain individuals/energies. I began hearing my angels and guides. The second trip that ability grew again!

Each trip impacted my energies in new and deeper ways.
Through your energetic sensitivies, your meditations, in combination with the sacred energy of the mountain, you helped us all to feel safe; you opened us to the consciousness flow and helped us to align to spiritual truth in a way that is beyond explanation. 

The synergistic effect of your guidance and being in the sacred energy of the mountain transformed me and helped move me along my path! 

I am now asking Spirit’s assistance so I can join you in Tasmania
With love and gratitude,

(Susan Turner, Vancouver CA)


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I am constantly uploading new talks and presentations on spirituality, ascension, consciousness, and self-help

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Online Training

NEW! Online Training

logo-icon copyNOW available, online one on one HR training with the founder of Heart Resonance - Trevor Gollagher.

Trevor is now offering one on one training via Skype or Facetime. Classes are conducted over 2-4 sessions per level. Free meditation audio's for all online students. Contact Trevor directly to organise your class now - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Please Note: Trevor Gollagher is no longer conducting Level one or practitioner level training 


Classes offered include

HR Level One - no longer available Please contact your local Heart Resonance teacher for these levels

HR Practitioner Level - no longer available Please contact your local Heart Resonance teacher for these levels

HR Advanced Practitioner Level

HR Advanced Practitioner Master Class

HR Teachers Training

Here is what a new student has to say about Trevor and his training

andrewI am receiving my Heart Resonance training for all levels from Trevor Gollagher Online!  I am the first, but not the last, online student to learn this incredibly simple, FUN and Powerful system of healing and enlightenment over FaceTime ( Apple iMac ) kind of like Skype. I am having so much FUN learning with Trevor and learning more about who I really am as each class unfolds.

I really look forward to our classes on FaceTime twice a week because Trevor is such a wonderful Teacher!  Trevor is a true spiritual master because he embodies all the qualities of an enlightened being. 

Trevor is very loving , completely non-judgemental and very detached in a  perfected state of Allowing. He is generous and kind and will do anything to help you grow and expand into a deeper state of self-awareness and self-love and more happiness.

I have studied Reiki, IET, ITM, EFT and hundreds of healing modalities and different styles of Reiki over the past 20 years. I am currently a level two Heart Resonance Practitioner and I have to say Heart Resonance is my absolute favourite and what I have been searching for ALL MY LIFE!!!

It is so simple yet so powerful!  It is FUN! All of the techniques in Heart Resonance are so easy to learn and are extremely effective. I am a convert!  I am now 100% dedicated to the Heart Resonance System and use it exclusively in all my spiritual work.

I highly recommend Heart Resonance and that you contact Trevor Gollagher for Heart Resonance treatments and classes. You won't be disappointed; You will be enlightened!

Prem Ananda, Canada 

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Want to break free from the burden and struggle that is affecting your life and Experience Joy, Contentment, and a Fulfilled life?

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